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Hand warmer - Warmly (Orange)

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Two 5000mAh Batteries: Each part of MagTwins is equipped with a 5000mAh rechargeable battery, providing up to 8+ hours of heat on low level or can charge your phone 1.5+ times at full capacity.

Four Adjustable Heat Levels: Warmly offers four levels of heating temperatures from cozy warmth all the way up to 55°C. Choose the most comfortable heat for you. The unit also remembers the heat level you selected last time and reverts to that level the next time you turn it on.

Quick Heating: The warmer heats up in just three seconds so you can quickly feel the warmth effect.

High-Quality Material: Made of durable aluminum with a high-quality brushed aluminum casing that promotes heat retention and even heat distribution.

For best results, we recommend using our charger: Charger 220V 2xUSB-A 3.1A

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Handvärmare - Warmly (Orange) - Warmly
Handvärmare - Warmly (Orange) - Warmly
Handvärmare - Warmly (Orange) - Warmly
Handvärmare - Warmly (Orange) - Warmly
Handvärmare - Warmly (Orange) - Warmly
Hand warmer - Warmly (Orange)
Handvärmare - Warmly (Orange) - Warmly

A commuter's best friend! It has kept my hands warm during the chilly autumn and winter. Good battery life, and it's nice to be able to choose between different levels of heat.

I have also used it while sitting at my computer, working or gaming, to warm my hands, so it works even when I'm not outdoors.

Daniel K, Gamer

Keeps my hands warm when I'm sitting in my cold office. Perfect when the premises haven't adjusted to temperature changes.

Anders K, Outdoor

Whether it's to warm my hands during a cold round of golf, a walk, or on a ski trip, Warmly is perfect to always have with me as a power bank. Highly recommended.

Marcus H, Golfer

Now that the cold weather has arrived, I brought out my Warmly hand warmers, and wow! You don't realize how much you hate freezing hands until you're out in the cold golfing!

The feeling of having them in my pockets between shots is golden! The entire round becomes more enjoyable, and I don't suffer from having a poor feel in my swings due to frozen hands!!!

Marcus J, Golfer

I've had long-standing issues with cold hands. Whether I'm sitting at my computer, playing golf, or doing other activities, I've struggled to find a solution. I was skeptical about the performance considering the price. However, I was proven wrong. The product has exceeded all my expectations with its long battery life, good heat output, and portability. It's easy to take it with me everywhere I go.

Eric L



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How quickly does Warmly MagTwins heat up?

Warmly MagTwins heat up very quickly, usually within three seconds after you turn it on, allowing you to feel the heat effect promptly."

How long can Warmly MagTwins provide heat?

With its two 5000mAh rechargeable batteries, Warmly MagTwins can provide up to 8+ hours of heat on low level. The battery capacity also allows the unit to charge your phone 1.5+ times at full capacity."

How does Warmly MagTwins' magnetic design work?

Warmly MagTwins are designed with strong magnets that hold the two hand warmers together. This means you don't have to worry about them coming apart when you're on the move."

How many heat levels does Warmly MagTwins offer and how do I set them?

Warmly MagTwins offers four adjustable heat levels, ranging from cozy warmth up to 55°C. You can choose the most comfortable heat level for you. The units also remember the heat level you selected last time and will return to that level the next time you turn them on.

What is the recommended power rating for USB adapters?

A: The recommended power rating for USB adapters is typically 10W, which translates to 5V and 2A.

B: Do not use iphone/ipad/macbook adapters as they are too strong.

C: Is the lights on the hand warmer just blinks, your adapter is too strong, try another adapter or buy ours at

When selecting a USB adapter, ensure that it meets the 10W (5V, 2A) specification if you plan to charge or power devices with higher power requirements. Using an adapter that provides less power than what your device needs may result in slower charging times, while using an adapter with significantly more power is generally safe but may not lead to faster charging, as the device will typically draw only the amount of power it requires. Always check the manufacturer's recommendations for your specific device to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

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