En kall dag på golfklubben - Warmly

A cold day at the golf club

I'm standing at the 7th tee at Sjöbo Golf Club, it's the end of October, and once again I take off my thick cumbersome winter gloves and hang them over the golf bag.

My drive starts as usual to the right and with a slight slice, making its way over to the left side and bouncing out among the pine trees – sigh!
I put on my gloves while waiting for my playing partners to duff their shots to the ladies' tee.

When I reach where the ball "should be," the eternal ball searching begins, and the thought of dropping a ball and playing on gets closer with each step further into the pine trees.
But then it shines through, that little white nuisance that has created an emotional storm between euphoria and total darkness. The ball is "okay" and that little gap between two spindly pine trees should be hit, right?

Once again, I take off the bulky gloves and hang them carefully over the bag, pick up my 7-iron to get some height so I can hit between the tops of the trees – It goes to hell and I hit the fairway bunker instead..
The club angrily goes back in the bag and I stomp on toward the cursed sand trap.

After devouring a sausage, chocolate bar, and scalding cup of coffee at the kiosk, we move on to the 10th hole.
But where the heeeeell are my gloves now?!

Frozen and annoyed at having lost my new golf gloves, I continue to play, getting colder and colder in my hands.

Hitting the frozen ground with duff shots feels like hitting a sledgehammer straight into concrete.

So when my friend of 20 years, Philip, contacted me and said he had developed a product so good that even the mute would start talking about it, I naturally said, "Are you completely out of your mind? Are we going to spend so much money on hand warmers?!"

The product he showed me and that I now never go without, whether on the golf course or when coaching my 9-year-old son's soccer team, is called Warmly MagTwin.

Why do I love and believe so much in Warmly and our products?
Well, because EVERYONE can use it. There isn't a single area or segment where I don't believe a MagTwin can be used.
Fishing, hunting, playing disc golf, joint problems, dog walks, frozen parking attendants, police officers? The list can be so long that the Bible feels like a Donald Duck Pocket in comparison.

Do you, your company, sports club – you name it, want us to come out and showcase our products and talk about the health benefits they offer?
Contact me at Erik@warmly.se or +46736219843, and we'll find a collaboration that suits you perfectly!

Best regards,
Erik – Salesperson and proud co-owner of PWBC AB aka Warmly!