Få varmare händer - Warmly

Get warmer hands.

If you have problems with cold hands, I recommend you to read this short text:

There are a few things that can affect the temperature in your hands. First of all, air temperature and clothing play a role. Hands are the first to get cold when the air temperature drops. The body constricts blood vessels in the hands and feet to conserve heat in the rest of the body. The same thing happens if you are tense or nervous.

If it has been a long time since your last meal, it can also affect the body temperature in your hands.

Even how your body is built can affect whether you feel cold or warm in your skin. Lean individuals with less subcutaneous fat may more frequently experience having cold hands and feet.

Hereditary factors likely also play a significant role in whether you have warm or cold hands and feet.

Smoking negatively affects circulation and causes blood vessels to constrict. This makes hands and feet colder. Hands and feet also become cold when you sit still. When you move and become warm, your hands and feet also become warm.

But there is help available. With Warmly, you can warm up your hands whenever you want. It takes relatively little time to get your hands warm, and it takes longer before they cool down again.

For example, golfers often warm their hands before their next shot, and at the highest elite level, rechargeable hand warmers are often used between shots.

Another sport that frequently uses hand warmers is esports. In gaming, it is important to have fast reflexes, and coldness does not benefit you.

It is no coincidence that Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) use hand warmers from us at Warmly. We have the absolute best hand warmers in the Nordic region with high ratings on Trustpilot (https://se.trustpilot.com/review/warmly.se).

So, avoid cold hands with our rechargeable hand warmer, which can also be shared between two devices using magnets.

Thank you from us at Warmly - The best hand warmers in the Nordics.